Im tired of being SOL… hows about being SIL (sweetly in luck)

About nine days ago i turned 27, and I thought to myself i’m tired of being shit out of luck. So,  about a month before my birthday I went on this campaign of asking for coupons and trying to see how much free stuff I could possibly get. Funny thing is I did OK just by asking. I started researching how the women on extreme couponing were coming out of the grocery store only spending a penny and I so wanted to do that. (Surprisingly (LOL), that didn’t happen on my first trip to the grocery store. I still spent my usual 5o something bucks. )

So, I started reading this one ladies’ blog site and the woman maped out every store I usually shoped at, what coupon you need, and how much the end total was going to be. I THOUGHT this is freaking amazing… and it was amazing.. After carefully studying and doing some research I think the best store possible to come out like a fat rat is CVS.

CVS is pretty kick but!  I’ve gotten plenty stuff free or durn near free. Just the other day Mark and I got 4 12 packs of pepsi products for a dollar plus tax. Yes you read it right 4 12packs for ONE BUCK 🙂

With the success of the CVS, I started writting companies telling them hey i want to try your product or hey your product was awesome. Many companies didnt send anything, but others like Nutella sent me coupons for free products.

I was like YES SUCCESS!!!

So, my dear friends I’d like to share in this blogs intresting things i got for free, for a discount, free sample, made money etc . Lots of us need extra money or help with groceries or whatever. So i want to do this for us, for me, for you, for everyone. I want this to be a labor of love wrapped in a pretty pink bow. A blog you can come to and find awesome deals..

Yes yes yes you are welcome 🙂 -V



2 thoughts on “Im tired of being SOL… hows about being SIL (sweetly in luck)

  1. Wow 😀 … using a blog for helping is awesome!… I think its nice to read about even though i doubt that it will ever become useful information to me, living in Denmark.

    But its just the happy tone to the content that makes me wanna read on 😀 … Please let me know if you need any help setting up the blog, now you are new to it and everything! 🙂 – on my blog, just go to my facebook page and leave a comment and i will write you there!

    or just write me an email 🙂

    // miklSen

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