Looking for Extra Money for the Holidays??? Look no further

So, Im not trying to get boggled down with getting another job to help buy Christmas Presents. My sanity is worth more than a couple of Fa La La Las but I got curious as what kinda jobs I could do from home and not get to stressed out by doing…. Heres my list of things you can do to get a quick buck..

1. Review me…  www.reviewme.com Got a blog?? well then you get paid to write product reviews… Hell i figure I do that now  might as well get paid…

2. A closer look … http://www.a-closer-look.com Mystery shopping gig for restaurants and hotels….

3. Big Stock Photo http://www.bigstockphoto.com/?refid=jl0sxCHhnO&SAHCID=1970172547&afsrc=1 Are you a picture genius well this website has a list of types of pictures they need and if your a shutterbug you might as well get a couple bucks from your craft

4.Survey Spot…. http://survey10.ssisurveys.com/scripts/dubinterviewer.dll/Frames?Quest=899&QW1266=902188&Resp=975708788 Are you completely uderly bored and need something to do and want to make money doing it… well sign up to do surverys They are totally boring and time consuming but hey you can make anywhere from a quarter to 20 bucks…


Worth a shot right????


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