Want free or discounted items on Amazon?

Heres the scoop..

If you have a prime account with Amazon, you are halfway there to getting free items. Now these free items require an honest review but hey you guys can do that right?

Here are the websites that you can join that lead you to the deals







With these websites you apply to them and then you basically go shopping for what deal spikes your intrest, click on said deal and then in a couple days if the seller likes you they will send you a discount code that you will use to order items on amazon.

but you cant get these items and think ahahahaha I’m not going to leave a review i got them now.. NO NO NO that’s not the way to do business you have to leave a review .

If for some reason you felt the item was not up to your standards, the proper way of handling it is to contact the seller expressing your thoughts and feelings before you go blast off on your amazon page.


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