Really Amazon

I’m sitting here (already disgusted by this year) and I get the news that Amazon is no longer allowing reviewers to post reviews on their website if they have received the item for free or at a discount. I’m like terrific that’s all I been doing for days on end for the last two years.

I get where Amazon is coming from. People who are going on Amazon and wanting to buy an item and all they see is “I got this item for free in exchange for my honest opinion”.  Well, I too would be like hmm is this item really going to work or did they just give it five stars because they got it for free?

It sucks for those of us who really sat down and reviewed the item. If the item sucked I said as much in my review. If the item was great well I sung its praises

It’s always a few sucky people out there that spoils stuff for the rest of us, but that’s life.

If your curious to see Amazon’s new TOS here ya go:


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