Hello can you hear me? guess not cuz my phone is dead

Im so frustrated today. I woke up early to get the kids on there way and I noticed that my phone had a message from Metro PCS. It stated that my phone needed an update and that it would take 10 mins. So, I clicked the update and went on about my business. When I returned to the phone an hour and a half later it still said that it was updating, I waited alittle longer than I noticed it was stuck. I took the phone back off took the sim out and restarted the phone. Same problem…..

Frustrated, I called the customer care line and the lady was like well I cant do anything here thats why I never do the updates on my phone. So I took the phone into one of the local shops and the two agents worked on my phone for over an hour. So I said just do the factory reset. So they did and my phone stayed frozen…. and is still frozen.

So, currently I have no extra cash to spend on a cell phone and the agents suggestion was to see if the factory could send me a new phone she just didnt know when that phone would come in and when it did it would be a refurb phone… Terrific so now im out of a phone


Thanks alot Metro thanks alot




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