Want free or discounted items on Amazon?

Heres the scoop..

If you have a prime account with Amazon, you are halfway there to getting free items. Now these free items require an honest review but hey you guys can do that right?

Here are the websites that you can join that lead you to the deals







With these websites you apply to them and then you basically go shopping for what deal spikes your intrest, click on said deal and then in a couple days if the seller likes you they will send you a discount code that you will use to order items on amazon.

but you cant get these items and think ahahahaha I’m not going to leave a review i got them now.. NO NO NO that’s not the way to do business you have to leave a review .

If for some reason you felt the item was not up to your standards, the proper way of handling it is to contact the seller expressing your thoughts and feelings before you go blast off on your amazon page.


Im back with a brand new approach

Life got in the way of blogging about free items and deals, but never fear a thing called bed rest while pregnant with twins gave me the urge to get back on the blogging train.

Hurry Christmas Shopping

Today JcPenneys.com has 10 bucks off 25 with the code HUGENESS and if you get it shipped to your local store you dont have to pay shipping and handling. They have a ton of items on clearance for 80 percent off.. and now if you go thru Ebates you can get an extra 3 percent back on all your shopping at JcPenneys.com

Heres an extra special treat if you refer five friends to ebate you can earn 75 bucks to use to get a giftcard…

So happy shopping my friends and because u love me you’ll use this link to ebates so that i can get my 75 bucks 😀


Need Razors :)

Heres the dealio peoples….

go to coupons.com

look for the coupon that says 6 bucks off two pack of schicks disposable razors

drive to your local walmart … go into the razor aisle look for the yellow pack of 12 disposable razors that are priced 1.98 buy two of them and use 6 bux offf

yes my dear you guessed it 1.98+1.98= 3.96 plux tax your under 6 bux so get your self a magazine with that extra change left over or a pack of gum 🙂

and dont let the walmart cashiers tell you… you have to get the razors on the coupon… the coupon says ANY schick disposable razors


🙂 hahhahahaha enjoy your 24 new razors

Looking for Extra Money for the Holidays??? Look no further

So, Im not trying to get boggled down with getting another job to help buy Christmas Presents. My sanity is worth more than a couple of Fa La La Las but I got curious as what kinda jobs I could do from home and not get to stressed out by doing…. Heres my list of things you can do to get a quick buck..

1. Review me…  www.reviewme.com Got a blog?? well then you get paid to write product reviews… Hell i figure I do that now  might as well get paid…

2. A closer look … http://www.a-closer-look.com Mystery shopping gig for restaurants and hotels….

3. Big Stock Photo http://www.bigstockphoto.com/?refid=jl0sxCHhnO&SAHCID=1970172547&afsrc=1 Are you a picture genius well this website has a list of types of pictures they need and if your a shutterbug you might as well get a couple bucks from your craft

4.Survey Spot…. http://survey10.ssisurveys.com/scripts/dubinterviewer.dll/Frames?Quest=899&QW1266=902188&Resp=975708788 Are you completely uderly bored and need something to do and want to make money doing it… well sign up to do surverys They are totally boring and time consuming but hey you can make anywhere from a quarter to 20 bucks…


Worth a shot right????

First Taste Alert :)

In this months edition of All You they have a section about where to find secret coupons… well Kfraft General Mills and Kashi all have secret sites that you can join that they will send you coupons and or samples for you try… You just have to share your opinion on it…..

here all the sites





enjoy 🙂

Diet Coke fans

Hey Ya’ll

go to coupons.target.com

and about on the 8th or 9th page there is a coupon for a dollar of  a 12 pack of diet pepsi

well diet pepsi is on sale this week for 2.75

so with the coupon your only paying 1.75 WOOOOOOO HOOO