TwiHeart Fans

To all my friends who love twilight..

Dollar Tree on Creighton Road in Pensacola has a tin journal set for only a buck… The tin has four journals each hardback and they all have a picture of each of the front of the books from the Twilight series…


A buck for a tin that probably costed 15 bux at one time… You cant beat that jack!


I love PUblix :)

Ok this week at Publix is an exciting deal. They have Cheerios for 1.99 then if you go up to customer service and ask for a coupon book they have a coupon for 2 off any Cheerios.


SOOOOOOOO that means you get the box of Cheerios for FREEEE!!!!! and you make a penny


Hows about that for savings 🙂 Carry on -V

I hit the jackpot at CVS

I had such a blast at CVS tonight with Mark. While shopping there i noticed that the conair infiniti flat iron was marked down to 8.32 plus you get 5 dollars extra bucks back. So your only paying 3.32 for a 48 buck flat iron 🙂



Free Samples

Every day the magazine “ALL YOU” has a section on their website where they tell ya where to find free samples. Heres a link to this treasure chest of goodness…

Todays free sample is a coupon for a free sample of greek yogart.

I havent tried this yogart yet but I do love the new yoplait parfaits with granola.

They are about 2.98 at walmart for two which is kinda expensive in my opinion but every so often you need to splurge LOL-v

Im tired of being SOL… hows about being SIL (sweetly in luck)

About nine days ago i turned 27, and I thought to myself i’m tired of being shit out of luck. So,  about a month before my birthday I went on this campaign of asking for coupons and trying to see how much free stuff I could possibly get. Funny thing is I did OK just by asking. I started researching how the women on extreme couponing were coming out of the grocery store only spending a penny and I so wanted to do that. (Surprisingly (LOL), that didn’t happen on my first trip to the grocery store. I still spent my usual 5o something bucks. )

So, I started reading this one ladies’ blog site and the woman maped out every store I usually shoped at, what coupon you need, and how much the end total was going to be. I THOUGHT this is freaking amazing… and it was amazing.. After carefully studying and doing some research I think the best store possible to come out like a fat rat is CVS.

CVS is pretty kick but!  I’ve gotten plenty stuff free or durn near free. Just the other day Mark and I got 4 12 packs of pepsi products for a dollar plus tax. Yes you read it right 4 12packs for ONE BUCK 🙂

With the success of the CVS, I started writting companies telling them hey i want to try your product or hey your product was awesome. Many companies didnt send anything, but others like Nutella sent me coupons for free products.

I was like YES SUCCESS!!!

So, my dear friends I’d like to share in this blogs intresting things i got for free, for a discount, free sample, made money etc . Lots of us need extra money or help with groceries or whatever. So i want to do this for us, for me, for you, for everyone. I want this to be a labor of love wrapped in a pretty pink bow. A blog you can come to and find awesome deals..

Yes yes yes you are welcome 🙂 -V